e-z Cert

We use e-z Cert World, an online service that enables you to manage international documentation efficiently and accurately from your own office.

With e-z Cert you can take away the hassle of delivering export paperwork to us in person or by post. e-z Cert will help you to save time and money, and produce a quick and efficient service for all your documentation needs.

Through e-z Cert World there are two options in which to complete your documentation:-

  1. Standard Service – complete the document and submit online. Once received we will print on the stationery required. Providing there are no errors or amendments to be made, the document will be either posted out the same day by first class post (cut off time is 2pm for submissions) or ready to be collected if required. MY Export Hub staff will work efficiently with you so the document is available as soon as possible.
  2. Express Service – complete the document and submit online. Once received we will check it and providing the document is 100% correct (no amendments at all can be made because it is all done electronically) it will be stamped and returned to you within an hour for you to print on the stationery you have previously obtained from us. Please note if the document is not correct it will be rejected and charges will apply. See our price list.

e-z Cert World now processes over 100,000 documents a year. The system allows online processing for European and Arab – British Certificates of Origin, EUR1, (some countries do not yet accept electronic signatures on the EUR1’s ) ATR documents and other commercial documents such as invoices, packing lists etc. e-z Cert World has been developed by i2i and the British Chamber of Commerce in close collaboration with exporters to ensure a quick and reliable service.

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