Understanding Exporting and Export Documentation (BCC accredited)

When? Wednesday 14th August 2019 09:30 - 16:30

Where? Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, 1st Floor, Unit 3, Pennine Business Park Longbow Close, Bradley Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1GQ

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Understanding Exporting and Export Documentation (BCC accredited)

The BCC now has ten nationally accredited core courses. Together, these form an export curriculum that provides invaluable basic skills for small and large companies alike.Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the subject and their performance will be marked by external examiners on the completion of each module. Successful candidates will receive a certificate; completing six or more courses will result in the candidate achieving a nationally recognised Foundation Award in Exporting. These courses are suitable for both experienced exporters and those with no previous knowledge of exporting.

Understanding Exporting

Learning Outcomes

The learner will:

  1. Be aware of what is in a sales contract/ purchase order, be aware of incoterms, packing marking and labelling requirements.
    • Know what an export is and list what you would expect to see in a sales contract/ purchase order
    • Describe the importance of knowing if you are trading with an EU country or country outside the EU.
    • Explain why Incoterms 2010 are used in an international contract and who is responsible for the correct packaging of shipped good
    • List typical shipping marks and handling labels
  2. Have an awareness of compliance issues around exporting, the UK trade tariff and its importance
    • Advantages/ disadvantages of using a freight forward
    • Understand the reasons for accurate export documentation and where to get help
    • List 4 documents that maybe required when exporting and know where to find exporting information
  3. Explain why as an exporter you must be aware of embargoes and sanctions of countries
    • Know which types of goods require export licenses
    • Understand the reasons for accurate export documentation and where to get help
    • List 4 basic documents that may be required as part of the export process
    • Demonstrate your knowledge of where to look for information and help.

Export Documentation

Learning Outcomes

The learner will:

  1. Be able to understand which documents are necessary for an international shipment
    • Describe any additional special requirements or documentation for particular markets/sectors e.g. Middle East, Hazardous Goods, Textiles
    • Why it is important to keep a full audit trail of documentation for each export
  2. Be able to identify where to go for sources of international information and assistance regarding documentary requirements.
    • Identify regulatory bodies and other organisations/ websites where assistance regarding documentary requirements can be sought.
  3. Be able to understand the documentation for each mode of transport
    • Give examples of types of documents that would be issued for each mode of transport.

Individual full day courses cost £270 + VAT (members) / £310 + VAT (non members)
Courses are priced individually. A discount can be offered when booking 6 or more modules or booking 3 or more delegates on the same course.

This is a full day course. A lunch and light refreshments will be provided. Free parking is available at our premises.

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