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The British Chambers of Commerce are one of the key promoters of British business abroad and recognise the importance for businesses to manage their currency risk or face having ambitions for growth hindered. Many UK companies deal internationally whether it be sourcing products from overseas or supplying international customers with goods and services. As a result they have teamed up with the UK's leading foreign currency provider to supply Chamber Foreign Exchange. Through your chamber you have access to exclusive offers and highly competitive rates of exchange. Moneycorp is one of the largest and most financially secure providers in the industry with a proven track record of servicing from the smallest to the very largest companies in the UK.

Top 10 Tips for managing foreign exchange risk.

Jargon Buster: Improve your knowledge of foreign exchange terms.

Exclusive member offers

FREE foreign exchange health check

Free assessment of your current foreign exchange policy, worth over £250!

Chamber Foreign Exchange will assess your:

- Exchange rates

- Transfer fees
- Speed of payments
- Impact of currency movements on your payment terms

- Hedging policy
- Credit terms
- Online capabilities

Reduced transfer fees

Exclusively £5 for Chamber members compared to up to £30 with high street banks when making international payments.

Key Benefits

Competitive exchange rates

Save up to £500 compared to a bank on a transfer of £50,000

Fast, secure online transactions

Make payments and trade foreign exchange using our web-based system Chamber Foreign Exchange Online

Peace of Mind

Provider of the service, Moneycorp, is regulated and authorised by the FCA and has been extensively vetted by the British Chambers of Commerce

Currency Accounts

Moneycorp allows all clients to maintain balances across 47 currencies, and provides full online access to these funds. This allows them to make transfers between accounts, to send funds to a beneficiary, or just to hold funds for future use.

Expert Market Guidance

Automatic rate alerts and market updates from your personal qualified dealer, helping you trade at the right time at the right rate.

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